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With LearnToEarn, it is simple to help (and force) your kids to learn, with just a few quick clicks. You don’t need to create your own quizzes or look up age appropriate questions. We do it all for you, instantly and simply.


LearnToEarn has quizzes for many subjects and is adding new questions and categories all the time. We have math, biology, Spanish, chemistry, history, physics and more, all at the touch of a button.


We help you reward your kids for completing quizzes that you’ve sent to them. You can give them more screen time, gifts cards, vbucks and more. Or, just give them encouragement and recognition for completing the quiz and learning. Its simple with LearnToEarn.


LearnToEarn helps parents deal with the over use and ever increasing reliance by kids on their screen time, whether its their phone, ipad, Xbox, Playstation, PC or more.  Trying to minimize screen time is like fighting the tide. Between social media, games and videos, it is becoming harder and harder to keep kids off their devices.

LearnToEarn helps parents at least make sure that kids are learning and using LearnToEarn to allow kids to ‘earn’ their screen time.


  • General business and entrepreneurship (accounting, profits and losses, etc.)
  • Beginner Sales
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • How to Network
  • Power of Persuasion


    • Math (all levels and categories)
    • Science (biology, chemistry, physics and more)
    • Spanish (more languages coming soon)
    • Geography
    • History
    • Vocabulary
    • Astronomy
    • Reading Comprehension

"Part of what happens is instead of looking at technology as a tool and a valuable thing, it ends up being a toy that our kids have permission or not to use and that ends up putting us in the position of being the bad guy."

laine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC AND Diane Dempster, MHSA, CPC, PCC
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Screen Time Facts

Avg # of Hours Kids on Screen
Avg phone touches, swipes, or clicks per day
% of kids that think video games are exercise
Avg % of waking day on a screen


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